Project Type: Commercial

Commercial Multiple EV Charger installation

Moose Toys is a multinational toy manufacturer, designing and producing some of the world’s most recognisable toys. They have offices across the world with their UK office based in Cornwall. Moose Toys are setting an ambitious agenda to become the most responsible and sustainable toy company they can be, and have made a commitment to target net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

One step towards this objective was to provide electric vehicle charging points for their staff and visitors.

After completing a site survey and discussing their requirements in depth, the project was set to take place by installing the infrastructure to support a total of 15 chargers, to be installed over a period of time.

Phase one involved:
OZEV Grant Support- Advising our client with applicable OZEV grant information and supporting them through the application process.

Groundworks- To get power to the required destination by running the required cable under the carpark and installing concrete bases and crash barriers for all 15 chargers.

GRP enclosure- We supplied and installed a custom GRP enclosure to house the distribution equipment for all phases of EV charging in proposed location in car park

Distribution Board- Installation of a dedicated three phase distribution board, dedicated earthing arrangement system and Type I & II surge protection, RCD selectivity setup to ensure minimal nuisance tripping.

Chargers- We installed 3 x twin 11kW Garo LS4 pedestal chargers. We opted to install Garo chargers, which can allow a large number of chargers to be controlled under one master charger. These also feature a dynamic load balancing function that ensure the installation’s main protective device is safeguarded. As the power demands of the offices alter, the charger will respond accordingly, telling the EV to reduce or stop charging when power usage is high , and to increase when the overall electricity usage has reduced.

Connectivity: A 4G internet switch and ethernet switch was installed for connectivity to the Monta EV control app to accept payments and manage Users. This also minimises risk of fraudulent activity on their network.

Branding- With the support from a local sign company, we also branded these podiums in bright colours to match the Moose Toys branding, and the exterior of their building. As well as well functioning, this is a very aesthetically pleasing installation!

Support- We supplied a full handover pack and completed staff training on how to use the chargers

We look forward the next phase of this project when we can install some more of these amazing looking chargers and help support Moose Toys with their environmental objectives.

Moose Toys EV Chargers
Custom Branded Garo Charger