Electric vehicle Charging point Installation

EV charging point installation in Cornwall

Now is the ideal time for drivers to become more environmentally conscious and go electric! Electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream and the Government OZEV scheme is making the installation of EV charging points more affordable. Cornwall Electrical Contractors are fully qualified to install electrical vehicle charging points at your home or commercial property.

We work with market leaders to install smart charging systems that combine cutting-edge technology with outstanding design, managing the communication between car and charger via easy-to-use Apps.

We also offer maintenance packages which means customers can take comfort in the knowledge they have a local, reliable and trustworthy electrician taking care of their EV unit.

OZEV approved

As an OZEV-approved installer, we can apply for Government grants to reduce the costs of installing charging points at homes and workplaces.

Why choose Cornwall Electrical Contractors for your EV Charger installation:

  • Fully qualified electricians  (not just trained to install EV chargers)
  • OZEV approved- saving you money
  • OZEV approved warranty
  • EV chargers from leading manufacturers
  • Local reliable team on hand
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EV Charging - a complete service

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