Project Type: Domestic

Solar PV Installation

Our client was keen to install solar, mainly to help reduce their carbon footprint and as an effect, reduce their electricity bills. After a full site survey and in depth discussions we designed a 3.68KW solar PV roof mounted system.

We also included battery storage. This allows any excess energy that has been generated form the panels to be stored and used at other times of the day. As MCS Certified Contractors, our clients were also able to sign up to a Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariff, allowing them to export any unused energy back to the grid and get paid for this.

"Richard spent time giving us a detailed overview of what to expect in terms of energy saving, choice of battery, what the instalment entailed and what the panels would look like. Once we had made the decision to go ahead he kept us informed of delivery and fitting dates. When the panels were fitted the team did a great job, even cleaning up after themselves. Richard then spent time explaining how the app for the system worked so that we could understand and follow the success of the electricity generation. Before he handed the job over Richard came back with all the documentation that we needed to enable us to claim a feed in tariff. Our electricity bill has been reduced as has our carbon footprint; a highly successful project all round! I would recommend Cornwall Electrical without hesitation, thank you."

Mr Reeves

PV install
Solar Panel on roof install